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Our Mission:

To provide financial tools to people to create a solid foundation for an abundant lifestyle.



Hosted in Los Angeles and virtual sessions across the US, Prosperity 101 Financial Workshops focus on teaching basic budgeting skills, financial acumen, and the ability to create wealth. Whether you’re an artist, corporate/government worker, or entrepreneur, you will learn how to effectively manage your finances by creating and consistently executing monthly budgets.The courses specialize in making sure you understand your financial status and are equipped to make wise decisions — ultimately to become financially stable and debt-free.

Peggy Buck is the founder and facilitator of the Prosperity 101: Financial Workshop series, teaching financial wellness courses for over 10 years. She has always possessed a genuine passion for coaching and empowering others to maximize their potential and walk in their purpose.  

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FREE Financial Workshop - register today!

Right now, it's imperative that you manage your money well. Learn an action plan that will carry you through this time and also ways to have conversations with creditors to extend time to pay your debt. Don't lose hope! Click below to contact me to sign up for this 1-day FREE course.


Group Workshop - 3 SESSIONS | STARTS AUG 13 business budgeting - 1 session| starts aug 21

Whether it’s your personal financial plan, financial projections and budget for your business or you are a P101 Alumni and need a “recharge”, let’s get started creating a financial plan to accomplish your 2019 goals! Limited space available. Register today!


Workshop Offerings

P101 Group Workshop 

Let's dive in and create a personal monthly financial plan that will give you a firm foundation to identify where you are and where you want to go with practical tools to get there! We will create a monthly budget to fund travel, projects, new business, increase savings/emergency funds. Develop a plan to eliminate debt as well as identify options to increase your income.

p101 private session

You want to take the workshop, but focus solely on your finances without being in a group setting. We will create a monthly budget, develop a financial plan to fund travel, projects, new business, increase savings/emergency, etc. Develop a strategy and plan to eliminate debt as well as identify options to increase your income!

p101 refresher course

You have taken the workshop, but have gotten off track. You don't need to complete the entire process again. In the refresher course, we will determine where you got stuck and get you back on track. We will go in-depth, step by step to ensure we uncover all of your obstacles and get you back on the road to Financial Wellness! 

p101 business budget

Mixing your business and personal finances is a No-No! Separate your personal and business finances by creating a business budget. Learn how to account for all of your expenses, pay yourself from your business and determine which expenses you can use as tax write-offs. Identify if you are charging enough for your product/service and develop financial projections to determine if your business is profitable.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
— Peggy Buck


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